Apricus Cuff


Apricus: Adjective (Latin) sunny, having lots of sunshine, warmed by the sun

 "Warmed by the sun" — who knew there was even a word for arguably one of the most relaxing, wholesome, good-for-your-soul sensations out there. 

There's just something about a little time in the sun that makes all the difference.

So, when it came to picking a name for this new collection, we tossed around the idea of "sunrise" or "sunset" but it just didn't feel quite right. Initially finding the word "apricity," which refers to "the warmth of the sun in winter," led us down a whole new warm and sunny path, all the way to apricus.

This little-known Latin word is quickly becoming one of our favorites, even though it never quite made it into our English dictionaries or day-to-day conversations. In a way, it feels like a well-kept secret that we're so glad to be in on :)

"Apricate" is the verb meaning "to bask in the sun." So if the weather's good where you are this weekend, take a little time to lie in the grass and soak up all the sunshine.

This cuff fits up to a 7.25" wrist and measures approximately 1" tall.

Made by hand in our south Louisiana studio.
Each piece varies slightly due to its handmade nature.

MIMOSA bracelets are slightly adjustable. The first time you put your new bracelet on, adjust it one time to a size that slips on and off comfortably.

Our jewelry is solid cast metal, so repeated adjusting can cause it to break!