Cajun Pop Chocolate Pecan Pie Popcorn

Cajun Pop Chocolate Pecan Pie Popcorn

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A slice of our heart-warming pecan pie served up with a heavenly chocolate drizzle.

Our famous Pecan Pie popcorn with a little lagniappe! This perfect combination of buttery, brown sugar goodness and delicate milk chocolate drizzle will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth. Why choose one when you can have both with this deliciously over-the-top southern dessert?

Louisiana is all about big flavors. Adding in a little something extra helps transform a classic recipe into something new – and delicious! Chocolate is the perfect addition to the gooey flavor of traditional pecan pie. Southerners also often add a splash of bourbon or rum to the filling to enhance the caramel flavor of the pecans. Ça c’est bon!

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