Cicada Pendant Necklace

Chain Length

Bronze Cicada Necklace on 24" or 18" Gold Filled Chain.


For thousands of years, the cicada has been a symbol of change, renewal, rebirth, metamorphosis, and transformation. In lieu of one major metamorphosis, the cicada's 17-year life is marked by multiple moltings (or sheddings of old layers). On its 5th molting, it finally leaves the ground to emerge into the light.

From there, they use their large eyes to seek full awareness of their surroundings. Through powerful song and strong communication, they show us what it is to use voice in community to be infinitely more effective in a unified pursuit.

In collaboration with Dialogue on Race Louisiana, I present to you our newest piece, the cicada.

Over the last six months, we have worked together to find a symbol that might in some way capture the essence of and share a bit of the story of the good work that they do in our community. After zoom meetings, phone conversations, research and feedback we landed on the cicada.

The cicada speaks directly to the change, renewal, rebirth, metamorphosis and transformation that happens when people are able to communicate the way they do through the DORLA courses. It speaks to this change not being a one time event but to a process of something more like moltings that happen throughout a lifetime. It speaks to eyes wide open seeking awareness of our surroundings and how they work and finally it speaks to what it means to have a powerful voice and strong communication that can be used in community to be more effective in a unified pursuit.

This cicada pendant measures approximately 1.5" x 3/4" at its widest point.

Made by hand in our south Louisiana studio.
Each piece varies slightly due to its handmade nature