"Family Ties" 14 X 38 Framed - 318 Art and Garden

"Family Ties" 14 X 38 Framed

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Artist Statement- Dana Beuhler

A seeker of discarded old photographs, I’m fascinated by the memories of strangers. They represent moments in time that were assigned enough value to warrant capture, but have somehow ended up haphazardly piled in junk store heaps or erroneously placed curbside. I pay homage to these memories by exploring their narratives. Human relationships and settings are shrouded in texture and slowly buried by material similar to the way events, memories and life experiences seem to accumulate and cloud our perception.

My work confronts the relationship between perception and reality by presenting narrative fragments to be pieced together in attempt to rebuild the scene. We are all unwilling fabricators of false memories; mere suggestions can merge with reality and find their way into our memory cache. Seeking to clarify even the hazy memories of strangers, we fill in the blanks with what we know, what we want, or what we hope.

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