"Foraging in the Shallows" Canvas Fine Art Reproductions, 18"X18"


"Foraging in the Shallows" by Carla Davis

Fine art reproduction on a 1.5 gallery wrapped canvas with hand painted gold edges.

Available in two canvas options, regular (right pictures) and mirrored (left pictures).

18" x 18"

Carla Davis currently lives in Bossier City, Louisiana, adjacent to a protected wetland area where she receives daily inspiration for her wildlife art.  She has been artistic all her life.  As a young child, she was always drawing. She took art all of her years in school, but did not take art or major in art in college.  While raising her children and a career with the U.S. District court, she started painting on her own about 11 years ago.  She began getting commissions and participating in local art fundraisers and painting with local artist groups.  Eventually, she kind of fell into doing pet portraits and then went on to painting other animals and wildlife.  She is mainly self taught, however, she has studied under several artists and teachers.  Her style has been described as impressionistic and dreamy, with a realistic element. She paints a variety of themes besides wildlife, including portrait and landscape, and something that has a story.  She also finds painting with a purpose deeply personally satisfying, like painting a gift for someone when there’s been a life event, because she knows how much art touches people on a profoundly spiritual level.  She paints mainly in acrylics, but also enjoys oil and watercolor. She said in an art interview that she loves to paint because of the endless ideas that come to her heart and mind, which means; there’s always something new to paint.