Gumbeaux Love Book 2 by Jax Frey


Gumbeaux Love, Book 2 of the Gumbeaux Sistahs Series a Novel by Jax Frey.

"Gumbeaux Love: The adventures of the Gumbeaux Sistahs continue! Five, fiery Southern women- Judith, Bea, Helen, Dawn, and Lola- wage wars against their unique problems using their improbable friendships, hilarious evil-genius schemes, strategy sessions with oh-so-many cocktails, and a shared passion for good gumbo.

Single, Southern artist Juith Lafferty, casually confesses to her Gumbeaux Sistahs that she is occasionally lonely and would like to fall in love again. Seriously- you'd think she would know to keep her mouth shut around these women by now. The sistahs tackle her problem along with their own with their usual unreasonable, extreme plots and schemes, including a kidnapping, a cupid costume, trying out pick-up lines at the cheese counter, and blind dates from hell. In helping out their friend, the sistahs help each other out as well and bring to light the many flavors of love in all of our lives. Be ready for twists, turns, laugh-out-loud times, and heart-wrenching moments.. You'll be sure to recognize yourself and your close friends in the unstoppable sistahs."

Jax Frey: Born in New Orleans, Jax Frey came into this world, whooping and hollering with a sense of love and celebration for Louisiana culture, food, family, and fun. Translating that celebration into her writing and her art is her true calling. She calls Covington, LA home, and shares it with her lovable, tornado-of-a-pug Lucy.