Louisiana Wild Earrings


If you’ve been following MIMOSA for a while, you know capturing quintessential Louisiana landscapes is a passion that literally pulls me out of bed every morning.

I head out to see what nature has for me, and even on the gloomiest days, there is a banquet of beauty.

Thanks to our long growing season and abundance of water, plants and animals (especially birds passing through) can thrive in the littlest pond or ditch. Sometimes, even the littlest pothole. ;) We have easy access to a kind of wild nature most city folks have to drive miles and miles to enjoy.

Taking in these small snapshots of Louisiana's wildlife and landscapes is like taking a daily dose of the best medicine.

This piece is a pill-shaped diorama that holds a miniature capture of our most typical wild Louisiana landscape. Bald cypress trees, egrets, cattails, water, and a big, bold sun are the ingredients of our outdoor life here.

The earring measures 3/4" from top of design to bottom (not including ring at the top) and 1/4" from side to side.

Made by hand in our south Louisiana studio.
Each piece varies slightly due to its handmade nature.