"Tales of the Friendship Bench" Book 4 by Jax Frey

Tales of the Friendship Bench: Book 4 of the Gumbeaux Sistahs Series 
by Jax Frey
Gumbeaux Sistahs, Approach the Bench!
 The Gumbeaux Sistahs had thought it was such a great idea to build a Friendship Bench in front of their art gallery. It was close by, and it offered a safe place and a friendly ear to visitors to talk about their lives and troubles with one sistah or another. The problem was — you never knew who was going to show up! When a thief, a pushy matriarch, a struggling artist, and a stubborn patient visit the bench, the sistahs are overwhelmed and go scrambling for help. But never underestimate the power of strong friendships—or of a Gumbeaux Sistah!
Bonus feature : Includes a Purpose of Your Life Quiz .  


Jax Frey: Born in New Orleans, Jax Frey came into this world, whooping and hollering with a sense of love and celebration for Louisiana culture, food, family, and fun. Translating that celebration into her writing and art is her true calling. Jax lives in a hundred-year-old cottage with her lovable, tornado-of-a-pug Lucy.